Foundations Bundle

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Sometimes our diets aren’t the greatest, and you can start to feel sluggish when you lack essential nutrients. Along with a healthy diet, these supplements give your body the tools it needs to stay well. Good for anyone who wants to optimize their overall health, keep a healthy gut and immune system, and have better energy. This bundle is one of the best daily health investments you can make!

Strategic Nutrients

A comprehensive multivitamin/multimineral supplement with high levels of key nutrients for healthy detoxification, balanced hormones, and optimal function.

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Vitamin D3-K2 Drops

Promotes healthy bones, healthy arteries and healthy blood sugar balance.

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Omega Thrive

High-concentration fish oil strengthens immune function and helps to maintain a healthy balance of inflammation.

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DailyFlora Essentials

Clinically-studied strains of probiotic bacteria that support optimal immune function, a balanced inflammatory response, and healthy digestive and bowel function.

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Our top recommendations for supporting everyday health and wellbeing.
(1 month’s supply)

This bundle includes

  • 1 Strategic Nutrients
  • 1 Vitamin D3-K2 Drops
  • 1 Omega Thrive
  • 1 DailyFlora Essentials

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Weight 16 oz

DailyFlora Essentials

Weight 7 oz


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