Healthy Gut Bundle

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When your gut is happy, you are happy. These supplements are designed to support balanced gut microbes, healthy levels of yeast, bowel regularity, and digestive comfort. Good for anyone concerned about food reactions, bloating, and other occasional digestive issues.

DailyFlora Essentials

Clinically-studied strains of probiotic bacteria that support optimal immune function, a balanced inflammatory response, and healthy digestive and bowel function.

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Metabolic Care

Berberine formula that helps to maintain an ideal balance of gut microbes, promotes healthy gut barrier function, and alleviates occasional intestinal bloating.

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Immune Balance Pro

Concentrated immunoglobulins that support gut barrier strength and enhance the body’s natural ability to bind and eliminate harmful microbes, yeast and toxins in the GI tract.

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A combination of products to promote a healthy and balanced gut.
(1 month’s supply)

This bundle includes

  • 1 DailyFlora Essentials
  • 1 Metabolic Care
  • 1 Immune Balance Pro

Additional information

Weight 11 oz

DailyFlora Essentials

Weight 7 oz


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