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Hidradenitis Suppurativa

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Even though the body heals from the inside out, you can also promote wound healing, pain relief and fewer boils with a good skin care routine.

Watch this video to learn the basics of skin care for hidradenitis suppurativa. If you’re wondering about what kind of soap or underwear is best, or if shaving makes things better or worse, this is the video for you!

Hidradenitis Suppurativa Skin Care Products We Love

Dermae Skinbiotics Treatment Crème

Skinbiotics Treatment Crème contains essential oils of tea tree and oregano, which help to reduce inflammation and fight bacteria and fungus. Many of our patients have found this cream very helpful for shrinking boils and relieving pain.

ManukaMed USA

Manuka honey is a unique type of honey made by bees that pollinate the manuka plant. The plant’s nectar contains an active ingredient called methylglyoxal (MGO), which has profound medicinal benefits. There are many other Manuka honey products on the market, but ManukaMed USA has the purest, most biologically-active honey in the world.

The wound care products from ManukaMed USA are ideal for people with HS because they:

  • Create an ideal wound-healing environment within the skin
  • Absorb fluids and drainage so you can protect your clothes
  • Reduce wound odors so you can feel more confident

When it comes to rapid pain relief and helping to heal stubborn HS wounds, we haven’t found anything that compares to the ManukaMed USA products. Our patients in all stages of HS have reported major improvements and they don’t want to be without it!

When we started using it in our clinic, the feedback from our patients was so positive and we started seeing such consistently good results that we asked ManukaMed USA if we could partner with them to help make their products more widely available to people with HS. Since then, we’ve heard from dozens of our online followers who’ve tried ManukaMed and they love it, too!

I learned about Manukapli in one of your videos. I ordered it online and applied it to a boil that was starting to develop. It worked!! I couldn’t believe it. The boil literally never fully developed. It just disappeared in 3-4 days.


Amazing Before and After!

These are before and after photos of a real patient of ours. This patient had severe Stage III HS and was considering surgery. Before treatment, the underarm was so painful that it was impossible for the patient to raise the affected arm. With the help of ManukaMed dressings, the patient experienced significant healing. They can now raise their arm without pain.

The honey helped to enhance the skin’s natural healing and repair process in a short period of time. Please note that this patient’s dramatic results were achieved with a combination of ManukaMed products, diet changes, supplements, and naturopathic care. These results might not be achieved by everyone, and your results may vary.


June 10, 2017

1 ½ Months

July 22, 2017

4 ½ Months

November 1, 2017

15 Months

September 16, 2018

You can order ManukaMed USA products through the links below. Be sure to enter the coupon code ATTUNE at checkout to get 5% off your order!

MANUKApli is 100% pure Leptospermum Manuka honey in a tube. It has strong antibacterial activity and helps to break the cycle of inflammation (which means less pain and swelling!). Get MANUKApli here and save 5% with code ATTUNE at checkout.

MANUKAhd Lite is a wound dressing pad that is infused with 15 grams of high-potency, medical-grade Manuka honey. It “gels” when it comes in contact with wound fluids, and it helps to maintain the perfect pH for healing. The honey gets released into the wound bed with a sustained flow, while the fluids from the wound get absorbed into the dressing. This pad helps to pull debris and dead tissue away from the wound so that healing can take place. Get MANUKAhd Lite here and save 5% with code ATTUNE at checkout.

MANUKAhd is similar to the MANUKAhd Lite. This is a wound dressing pad that is infused with 22 grams of medical-grade Manuka honey. Because it is thicker, it absorbs more fluids (over 2.8 ounces!) than the MANUKAhd Lite. This pad is excellent for wounds that leak a lot of fluids. It can be left on for up to 7 days, although it is recommended to check the area after 2-3 days. Get MANUKAhd here and save 5% with code ATTUNE at checkout.

MEDSAF is a non-honey, super-absorbent dressing cover. It can absorb over 4.5 ounces of fluids. Nothing beats this for covering wounds that leak heavily! Get MEDSAF here and save 5% with code ATTUNE at checkout.

Suggested Use: After cleaning the skin, apply a small amount of the MANUKApli to the area. It will feel sticky since it is pure honey. Next, apply the MANUKAhd or MANUKAhd Lite pad over the area and cover it with a MEDSAF pad to absorb the fluids. Secure all of the layers with bandage tape. 3M Medipore tape is especially good for applications in the underarms and buttock/groin areas. This layering method can be very helpful if you have lesions that are draining a lot. To keep things more simple, you could also just apply the MANUKApli honey and cover it with an ordinary bandage.

These bandages can be left in place for up to 7 days, but it is recommended to check the area every 2-3 days and replace the bandages if fluids are seeping through the outside. It is best to keep the area dry and wash around it carefully to avoid getting the bandages wet. CAUTION: Always check with your personal physician before using any products, especially if you have a bee or pollen allergy.

Looking to feel better, faster?

In just 3 months, you could be on your way to living a healthy, active and pain-free life.

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